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Speedliner G100™ Graffiti Remover

GRAFFITI REMOVER G100™, SPEEDLINER's totally new Graffiti Remover, is an effective new tool in the removal of all forms of graffiti.
  • G100™ Graffiti Remover is one of the most powerful graffiti removers on the market 
• G100™ is a non solvent environmentally friendly, non-toxic, bio-based yet effective formula.
• G100™ is non-flammable, low odour, water-based formulae that does not require the wearing of special protective equipment as it is solvent free.
• G100™ attacks paint, permanent markers, crayons, lipstick, magic markers, and adhesives so they can be easily be wiped or brushed off the graffiti covered surfaces.
• G100™ doesn't harm the surface being cleaned.
• G100™ is not watered down like other graffiti removers.
• Unlike other water-down graffiti removers G100™ coagulates the paint into beads and will not spread the graffiti over a larger area
Speedliner Kevlar KE-2000™
SPEEDLINER is the only protective liner to use DuPont's KEVLAR KE 2000™ fibre additive for superior strength.

This KEVLAR KE-2000 fibre will further increase cut and tear resistance for extreme performance applications. You can work your truck harder without damage with SPEEDLINER KE 2000™.


Speedliner HC™ Hygene Coat

SPEEDLINER HC™ provides a front-line protection against bacteria, mould and mildew.
  • SPEEDLINER HC™ has the added benefits of Ultra-Fresh™
  • SPEEDLINER HC™ is suitable for the food, health, care and associated industries.
  • SPEEDLINER HC™ is quality laboratory tested and approved, in the USA and UK, for direct food contact.
  • SPEEDLINER HC™ is a very tough hard-wearing, non leaching surface treatment that will last for many years.
  •   It also comes in 22 different stock colours or can use standard PPG auto pigments.
  •   SPEEDLINER HC™  is the only high strength, high performing, antibacterial protective coating of its type in the world.
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